Bumerangová literatura

14. května 2008 v 20:14 | bumerang
České texty o bumerangu, jeho výrobě, tuningu, tréninku disciplín apod.
vydává Česká bumerangová asociace (CBA) pro své řádné členy.

Níže uvádím veškerou další literaturu, o které vím.
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29. března 2008 v 10:16 | bumerang
Pár dobrých myšlenek v původním znění (mým překladem by ztratily na kouzlu):
  1. Live is truly a boomerang. What you give, you get./Dale Carnegie, USA/
  2. The boomerang fits the temper of our times: partly silly, partly sporting, mildly eccentric, very good exercixe. Best of all, it's fun. /Benjamin Ruhe, USA, 1974/
  3. In a world of crowded space and hectic time, the boomerang teaches us the value of creative leisure and elbow room. We have a sport for the future. /Carl Naylor, USA, 1982/
  4. Boomerang fun is a serious business. /H. L. Mayhew, USA, 1982/
  5. There is something fascinating about the primitive quality of the boomerang sport and the modern technological aspects of it. It is a great synthesis of old and new. /Shelly Mack, USA, 1984/
  6. Boomerang throwing is a prehistoric practice that has become a modern sport. /Jacques Thomas, FRA, 1983/
  7. Making your own boomerang will bring you closer to total Boomerang Nirvana. /Pat Steigman, USA/
  8. Boomerangs are a passport to the world. /Chet Snouffer, USA/
  9. Boomerangs are the most ferocious, bodacious, vivacious, gregarious, low to the ground, hard to bring down, bobbin' and weavin', shakin' and bakin', stoppin' on the dime and leavin' nine cents behind, number one, second to none sport in the world. /Bud Pell, USA/
  10. He who dies with the most boomerangs wins. And I'm winning, I'm winning! /Gary Broadbent, USA/
  11. Do what you love, love what you do, and the world will come back to you, like a boomerang. /Gary Broadbent, USA/
  12. When you throw a boomerang, you're throwing into the unknown. You're throwing into a wind you haven't felt yet, your boomerang feeling the gust before you do. It's like waltzing with a 'rang, a dance where the wind is your silent, or not so silent partner. While other throwers consider the wind their nemesis, I think of it as a sometimes hard to communicate with kind of friend. /Eric Darnell, USA/
  13. You don't have to be crazy to throw boomerangs, but it helps. /Eric Darnell, USA/
  14. It's a science, a craft, a hobby, a sport, a competition and an art. /Gary Broadbent, USA/
  15. With boomerangs, opponents are also your friends, sharing their ideas with you on how to throw and how to make a better boomerang. /Doug DuFresne, USA/
  16. Boomerangs are always a challenge, because boomerang throwing is never perfect. It is a never ending chance to improve, both in trying out new technology and in exercising your creative side, making new boomerangs. /John Flynn, USA/
  17. Boomerang throwing is fun and beauty and unabashed intelligence. /Michael Gel Girvin, USA/
  18. A boomerang has poetry beauty. It's an inanimate object that comes to life as you throw it. Your boomerang is like a friend you know so well that you know their thoughts even before they speak them. /Steve Kavanaugh, USA/
  19. My friend's boomerangs always fly better than mine unless I throw them. /Beat Äpli, Bruno Bucker/
  20. Boomeranging fun decreases in proportion to the time not spent boomeranging. This is the boomeranging law of diminishing returns. /H. L. Mayhew, USA/
  21. A circular thought for today: It's more fun to run around in circles throwing and catching boomerangs than it is to run around in circles trying to search out why people run around in circles throwing and catching boomerangs. /H. L. Mayhew, USA/
  22. There is no closer bond to bent sticks than carving your own. These sticks are magic and you can be the one that puts the magic in the stick. /Pat Steigman, USA/
  23. The first catch of a boomerang you just made is always a thrill. /Pat Steigman, USA/
  24. The only thing between you and the stick of your dreams is your inhibitions. /Pat Steigman, USA/
  25. Join the ancient art of boomerang throwing. It's fun, it's cheap and it's catching. /M.J. Hanson, Scotland/
  26. One thing to remember about boomerangs is that if you get fed up with them, you won't be able to throw them away. /M.J. Hanson, Scotland/
  27. The boomerang's greatest value to man is in its intellectual stimulations of its design variations and the physical agility required to throw and catch it successfully. /J.B.Mauro, USA/
  28. Let the Boomerang be the Symbol of Australia and Clean Sportmanship. /F. Donnellan, AUS/
  29. Getting a boomerang to land right where it started is like trying to land a piece of wadded up paper in a wastebasket from 20 feet away, on a day with a light breeze. It can be done, but it takes a little practice. /J. Cassidy, USA/
  30. Give me a rule of how to construct a boomerang and I will show you the boomerang to which it does not apply. /Rusty Harding, USA/
  31. Born to return. /unknown/
  32. For a High Rate of Return, Go Fly A Boomerang. /unknown/
  33. Rang'ers never forget - everything comes back to them. /unknown/
  34. Boomerangs - A Sport You'll Always Return To. /unknown/
  35. Throw Sticks, Not Stones! /unknown/
  36. Life's like a boomerang, everything you throw up comes back to you. /unknown/
  37. Boomerang fever - catch it! /unknown/
  38. Return to sender. /unknown/
  39. Great Things are Coming Back! /unknown/
  40. Boomerangs are a returning phenomenon. /unknown/
  41. Boomerangers talk in circles. /unknown/
  42. You are the target! /unknown/
  43. Live to Boom, Boom to Live./unknown/